“I don’t know how I feel about that!”

Something I have come to notice, during my summer blogging hiatus, is that it easy, safe, comfortable.. to refrain from taking a certain position on any given subject. If you do not commit then your opinion cannot be scrutinized.  You are safe from criticism and challenge. But if your inner critic is too overpowering and you only ruminate on your thoughts and feelings, how can you … Continue reading “I don’t know how I feel about that!”

A Matter of Perspective

This post is my response to Day 9 of The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge hosted by WeGo Health.  Today’s prompt: Patients, what advice or tips do you have for caregivers out there - professional or otherwise! Being a caregiver is no easy task.  With the deinstitutionalization of health care it has meant that more caring … Continue reading A Matter of Perspective

Shedding my armour

It seems that I have overestimated myself.  I wrote in my first post that I believed "as soon as I started this project the words would come freely and easily."  (Yeah, I just quoted myself.. awkward).  The truth is that spilling my thoughts on this page is a lot harder than I had originally believed … Continue reading Shedding my armour