Viewing the ICU differently

In early June I was invited to attend and speak at a Patient Care Consortium in Chicago, Illinois as part of my role in an ethnographic study on interprofessional teamwork and patient and family involvement in the intensive care setting. My talk was in front of more than fifty experts across the field of critical … Continue reading Viewing the ICU differently

Ending a career, but saving a life

“Wow!  You’re so tall, you must play basketball!” For those readers who were also vertically gifted growing up, you may have experienced similar remarks from new acquaintances, extended family members, random people at the grocery store.. I would usually say thank you and laugh it off.  How I really wanted to respond was something like, … Continue reading Ending a career, but saving a life

My take on Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome (MFS) is an example of a chronic illness with acute episodic periods.  What makes it a chronic illness is its long lasting nature, which means instead of "curing it" you "manage it".  However, there are times when a person with MFS may need immediate or emergency care that if not received can result … Continue reading My take on Marfan Syndrome