I have been thinking a lot about writing and journaling recently.  I believe there is a great deal of value in recording one’s thoughts and feelings in the research and writing process, but have found it very difficult for me to keep this up on a regular basis.  I have decided to test out keeping my journal in an electronic form rather than handwriting it. What follows is my first entry.

Introduction – November 3, 2013

I have kept an electronic journal for many years – ten to be exact!  Although I write much less frequently now, it still remains an easy way for me to jot down the significant points in my personal life.  I started writing publicly as a way of sharing with friends, but as the years went on I realized that being able to type up and archive my feelings, thoughts and experiences was cathartic and a huge stress reliever for me.  After a while I made my posts private so I could feel more comfortable writing the details of my life. 

I have tried many times to keep a print journal.  They say to become a better writer you should get in the habit of writing everyday.  Although I love the idea of journaling by hand (and I especially love stationary), I find that having to do so deters me from writing at all.  I keep a gratitude journal that I have attempted to write in nightly but even that has turned into an occasional entry. 

Then came my blog, which will be a year old soon! Although it has evolved greatly over that time, I still have not written in it nearly as much as I would have liked to.  I find it very challenging to write freely.  No, that is not true.  It is not the actual act of writing that is difficult, but writing with the intension to share is what gets me.  I consider myself to be a very private person, whether I like it or not, and public writing challenges that aspect of my personality.

I believe this journal will be the answer I am looking for.  My plan is to use this private platform to write about all of the aspects of my researcher/patient role that I am afraid to air in public.  I can then selectively share the pieces that I comfortable with and use others as basis for topics to explore.  My hope is that by keeping this journal, I can be honest with the way I am feeling without the pressure.  I am looking forward to testing this theory out!


I would love to hear from you!

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