A black and orange butterfly, meant to signify transformation

This blog is about to go through another transformation.  This change somewhat reflects what is going on in my life recently.  Lots of learning, trial and error with new concepts forming.  At a talk I went to the other night, the lecturer said that she does not like to use the word stress, she prefers the word change.  So perhaps when I say there has been change in my life recently, I really mean stress.  Either way, I am happy with the direction I am going.

One of the questions I have been asking myself a lot lately is, what is my niche?  What am I good at and what do I bring to the table? I have come to realize that an important part of being a graduate is identifying the direction you want to go in and tailoring your skills to fit that direction.  Damn how I wish I had of taken a marketing class in university!  Nevertheless, I am really excited about the next phase of this blog because I feel like it better represents my niche and will be a valuable place to start from. I cannot wait to show it to you :)


I would love to hear from you!

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